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    Celebrating Our Birthday by Giving Back with Pup Culture Rescue

    We’re so proud to be a brand that uses our platform to give back. Thanks to our Fox Fam, we are able to give to organizations that are making extraordinary efforts in the lives of animals around the world. One of those organizations is Pup Culture Rescue. Pup Culture is a non-profit animal rescue dedicated to saving dogs and educating the community about the importance of adoption. They support their rescues through providing everything from food and supplies to surgeries, training, and rehabilitation. Our donation will further positively impact the lives of the dogs in their care, and we couldn’t be more excited to help!

    To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, an additional 10% of proceeds will be going to Pup Culture Rescue for the next 10 days! That means 25% total of our net profits from our website only, are being donated to animal rescue efforts now through April 20th.

    We again, want to thank our Fox Fam for making donations like this possible. When you support AF, you make an impact and we are so excited to be able to help Pup Culture Rescue with their efforts.

    Looking to adopt a dog from Pup Culture Rescue? You can virtually meet all of their adoptable dogs below! 

    Meet the Pups


    Artemis was a neighborhood stray who relied on the kindness of the humans who saw her wandering for food. She raised a litter of puppies and had just weaned them when one of our amazing fosters found her and took her in. She is officially a Pup Culture dog and will have consistent meals, love, and care for the rest of her life! She is a hilarious little chihuahua mix who is great with people, dogs, and even cats. She loves to snuggle and play with her foster siblings.


    We love this sweet hound dog! Boomer struggles with epilepsy and we have been working with a neurologist to get his seizures under control. He is full of life and love, and we can’t wait until he finds the perfect forever family.


    Good-natured and mellow, six-year-old Curry just wants a second chance at happiness. This sweet dog has never lost his love for belly rubs and snuggles even after everything he has been through. He’s in need of a foster home or foster-to-adopter who can give him the TLC he needs to thrive.


    This petite German Shepherd was surrendered to us after her loving family got evicted and had no other options. She grieved her family for so long, showing her loving and loyal personality. Now Frida is looking for a new family to love. She is gentle, mellow, and so sweet. She is great out in public and will lay by your feet at any restaurant. She loves hiking off leash and is great at sticking by your side. She is good with other dogs and bonds hard to her people.


    Igor was a stray in East LA. He was rescued on the cusp of death, frighteningly thin with terrible mange and a painful, deafening ear infection. He is 7 years old and mellow. He prefers to be the only dog, walks well on leash, and is extremely loyal.


    Lloyd is a multipoo who gets along great with small dogs but would also be totally fine with being the center of attention as an only dog. He is a happy go lucky, playful pup who is eager to find a forever home to love.


    Marnie is a 5yr old, 10lb Chi/Pom mix that is house trained, great with kids, loves the car, walks well on leash, and is crate trained. Marnie is the best! She is very chill at her foster home where she lives peacefully with another small dog and is well behaved in public.


    2-year-old Mexican street mutt who is quiet, sweet, and docile. He is a gentle boy and would be great in a family with kids or other dogs. He is respectful on leash and doesn’t pull because he wants to be right by your side.

    BomBom & YomYom

    These two, three-month-old Jindo littermates are looking for adopters! They made the trip all the way from our rescue partners at Aniband Goku Sanctuary outside of Seoul, South Korea to our rescue in Los Angeles. Their last stop will be their perfect future forever homes. The Jindo breed is known for their loyal and affectionate nature, making them wonderful family companions.


    This adorable terrier mix was found as a stray by one of our rescue partners. When we took her to the vet, we were thrilled to learn she had a microchip, and we were excited to facilitate a reunion! Unfortunately, when we contacted her former owners, they told us they no longer wanted sweet Chai in their family. We promised Chai that we would help her find a fresh start and a loving family that is truly hers forever!


    Roman is a stunning pup who is as handsome as he is friendly. He's looking for a loving family who understands that dogs are more than just trainable pets - they are loyal companions who deserve love and attention. He loves to play and would do best in a home with other dogs. He's always up for a game of fetch or a good snuggle on the couch.


    We don’t know Sheila’s past, but we know it couldn’t have been easy. She is covered in scars and a bit shy at first. Once she warms up, her goofy side comes out and she shows you how much she loves to snuggle and play! She is great with other dogs and kids. She is a gentle soul and we can’t wait for her to find her forever family.

    Your dollars make a difference and when you purchase now through the 20th, you'll be making such a big impact on animal rescue and welfare all over the world. Shop through our website and support the cause! 

    Introducing Our Latest Rescue Partner

    Introducing Our Latest Rescue Partner

    If you’ve been here for a while, you know how much we love animals. You also know how much we value input from the Fox Fam, whether it’s asking what our newest color should be, your favorite mixes, or any rescues that are near and dear to your hearts - we let you make the decisions here. Well, we’re ecstatic to share the latest rescue we’ve added to our roster: Judith A Bassett Canid Education and Conservation Center.

    JABCECC is a licensed non-profit (501c3) located in San Diego and Southern Utah. The center specializes in canids and provides forever homes to rescued canids from fur farms, research institutions, exotic pet trade, and any wild canids that can no longer be released back into the wild. 

    Just last month, the AF team took a road trip to visit the center and learn more about the animals being saved and exactly what the JABCECC team does.  Not only do they provide forever homes for these animals and allow them to live their best lives, but the center also offers interactive educational programs to the public and speciality groups aimed at helping to heal humans through the canid-human bond. These programs also increase the commitment to advocacy for the captive and wild counterparts of the animals in their care through a better appreciation and understanding of these animals. JABCECC believes that every animal has a right to live, both as a species and individual

    We had the opportunity to meet all of the animals on site, but were of course drawn to Freddy Snowballs, the resident Arctic Fox. Freddy was purchased illegally when he was just 4 weeks old, by a family through the exotic pet trade. The owner quickly realized this beautiful arctic fox is in fact, not the same as a domesticated dog. Once the team at JABCECC received the call, they knew they had no choice but to take over and give Freddy a forever home at their rescue. Freddy joined JABCECC at 5 months old, and he was lucky because in many cases people will just let these animals back into the wild or euthanize them. Freddy now spends his days living an amazing life of purpose and helping to educate the public on arctic foxes and the reality of the exotic pet trade.

    Freddy has been with the center for about 1 year and has become a favorite to the volunteers and guests.  Unfortunately, due to the exotic pet trade, he actually stays white year round. In the wild arctic foxes will turn a lovely brownish color in the summer for camouflage. Due to the harsh climate arctic foxes typically live in, they adapt behaviorally and physically.  Freddy has small ears that allow him to keep his heat in, a thick coat and a large bushy tail to wrap around his body, as temperatures in the Arctic can get to -50!! They are omnivores like red foxes, and can eat small mammals, insects, and berries. These foxes are truly adapted for survival in the harshest of climates.  Of course, Freddy Snowballs gets to live in the mountains of Southern CA where the temperatures don’t get that cold, but we do get some snow.  When it snows, Freddy can be seen playing in the snow and vocalizing his delight.

    While Freddy may have been the perfect candidate for a fresh dye, we also had the chance to meet several other animals including a REAL life wolf, a pair of coyotes, Russian domesticated foxes and New Guinea Singing Dogs and Dingoes.

    We’re so thankful to have found the team at Judith A Bassett. And thanks to YOU Fox Fam, we were able to kick off this partnership with a donation of $50,000 to help in their mission partnering with canine shelters, rescues and animal assisted therapy organizations. Amy at the Foundation let us know the donation will be helping them expand their perimeter fence which is already under development - this will allow the current canids to explore well beyond their current enclosures. Additionally, the team will be adding more enclosures so they can rescue more canids this year. We can’t wait to go back to see it!

    Celebrating World Wildlife Day with IFAW

    Celebrating World Wildlife Day with IFAW

    Since Arctic Fox was founded in 2013, we have been committed to saving the lives of animals in any way we can. We don't just SAY that we're vegan and cruelty-free because it's become a standard in the beauty industry, we make sure that every ingredient that goes into our products IS vegan and never EVER tested on an animal. But it comes down to far more than just our products.


    Every year, we donate to organizations who are focused on preventing animal cruelty and promoting animal welfare. We have worked closely with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) over the years because of their crucial work across the globe. Just last year, we were able to support their efforts in Ukraine as they provided assistance to those escaping the war with their pets. Unfortunately, IFAW started 2023 with more disaster relief as they continue to provide help to those who were devastated by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. 

    As we celebrate World Wildlife Day, we're excited to shine the spotlight on IFAW and how our 2021 donation of $50,000 made an impact on their rescue team's work in 2022. IFAW's Wildlife Rescue team operates globally and strives to prevent suffering and improve the welfare of animals. With 5,342 animals rescued and 3,460 animals released, the IFAW Wildlife Rescue Program continues to make massive progress in achieving a better quality of life for animals around the world. The focus is on rescue, rehabilitation, release, and monitoring wildlife, but they also work to share best practices, provide training and develop response and animal rescue networks. A critical part in the success of IFAW's work is engaging with communities to facilitate a relationship where both people and animals can thrive in their shared environment. In 2022, IFAW continued work to rehab orphaned elephants and keep them on their journey back to the wild. At their IFAW-supported Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery (ZEN) Moses and Sally are two recently arrived elephant calves. Moses was separated from his herd, while Sally was seriously injured after an attack by hyenas. Both have been able to bond with other elephants, receive the necessary care and will eventually depart on their own accord to live free as the wild elephants they are. 

    Mbila the orphan elephant calf at Lilayi Nursery shortly after her rescue.

    In the US specifically, there are an untold number of big cats living in captivity. These animals are often at risk for abuse and living in terrible conditions in private hands as pets, being masked as a rescue sanctuary. IFAW collaborated with five U.S. sanctuaries to support the rescue of 13 big cats confiscated from Tiger King Park by federal authorities. The two lions and eleven tigers were confiscated as a result of a US Department of Justice investigation into violations of wildlife and animal welfare laws at the facility. IFAW supported the sanctuaries in providing intake exams, medical care, quarantine, enclosure modifications and enrichment for confiscated exotic felines. Shortly after the confiscation, three cubs were born with physical deformities that prevented them from properly using their hind legs. With regular physical therapy, all three are now walking and even running. 


    A clubfoot tiger cub receives vigorous massage therapy at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

    Clubfoot tiger cubs with mom Priscilla, who was confiscated from Tiger King Park, in care at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.


    We love spotlighting the organizations we support and the amazing work they continue to do. We can't thank our Fox Fam enough for continuing to support us and allowing us to continue the work with amazing organizations like IFAW. Keep an eye out for more about our 2022 donations soon.

    Supporting IFAW’s Efforts in Ukraine

    Supporting IFAW’s Efforts in Ukraine
    Thanks to our customers, we are able to support organizations that are making extraordinary efforts in the lives of animals around the world. One organization that we love working with is International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), who is currently providing assistance to people and animals impacted by the crisis in Ukraine.

    Read more