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    7 Ways to Make Your Hair Color Last This Summer

    7 Ways to Make Your Hair Color Last This Summer

    There’s nothing like the brilliant heat of the summer months that inspires us to reinvent ourselves, try a brighter color, or hit refresh on our favorite look. With beach days and pool parties ahead, nothing is more needed than a fool-proof summer hair care routine to make sure your color lasts as long as possible and shines as bright as the sun! Lucky for you, we’ve got all the hacks you need to keep your color vibrant and lasting.

    1. Shower Safely 

    The number one rule when it comes to caring for color is washing your strands with cold or lukewarm water, no matter the time of year. Hot water can dry out your hair, causing it to feel brittle and look more dull. You might also want to try a filter for your shower head to avoid the harsh minerals that some water contains which could lead to your color fading quicker. 

    2. Stock Up on Color-Safe Shampoo and Conditioner

    The pair that’s ALWAYS good for your hair, is a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner - like our Resurrected Shampoo and Conditioner! They’re packed with amino acids and antioxidants for an extra boost of much-needed hydration. Carefully massage your scalp with shampoo, rinse with lukewarm water, and coat the ends of your hair with conditioner. Sulfate-free products help your hair retain its natural moisture to prevent the loss of natural shine and softness, so finding your winning shampoo and conditioner combo is totally essential for maintaining the vibrancy of color and keeping your hair texture moisturized and soft rather than dry and brittle.

    3. Give Your Hair Some Extra TLC 

    While there’s lot of hair products on the market that can help repair your split ends (hey, Money Hunny), or refresh your unwashed hair in a single spritz (enter Vacay Volumizing Dry Shampoo), there’s nothing quite like a good hair mask to take your hair texture from good to ah-mazing! Swap out your regular conditioner for a hair mask in the shower, or spoil your hair to self-care with a hair mask treatment a few times a week. Our Pool Party Hair Mask does all of the above and smells divine - when you include her in your routine your hair will thank you forever. 

    4. Pool Day Prep

    Going underwater isn’t great for colored hair, but there’s no way our Fox Fam is skipping the beach or missing pool parties! Before you take a dip, minimize salt or chlorine absorption by wetting your hair thoroughly. For bonus points, coat your strands with a hair mask or deep conditioner to protect your hair from the damage wreaked by pool or sea water. And you guessed it, Pool Party will do the trick! After all, she is the real life of the party.

    5. Don’t Forget Your SPF!

    SPF for your hair is JUST as important as it is for your skin. Fight off sun damage and dryness with a thorough spritz of protection from the OG Hair Perfume and UV Protectant. Not only will your hair smell amazing, you’re adding on an essential layer of protection that your colored strands absolutely need if they’re going to be out in the sun. 

    6. Hit Refresh Real Quick

    For all our bleached babes who want to fight off brassy tones, add a drop of Purple AF into your conditioner to create toner that will combat any bleached brassiness. If you have a single color, add a drop of the corresponding shade to your conditioner for a quick refresh when you hit the shower! Water and sun exposure will fade your color, and while all AF dyes are created to look stunning even as they fade, you might want to keep a little extra color on hand for when you want to up the vibrancy. 

    7. Rock That Natural Look!

    Embrace your natural hair texture and ditch the hot tools. We all know that using heat excessively on your hair causes damage that affects the shine and texture of your hair and can even impact how the next color you try actually looks on your locks. Rock an effortless summer style with a new hairstyle, or by fully embracing your natural look for hair that’s healthier and shinier than ever! 

    The Ultimate Guide to Dyeing Your Hair at Home: Products and Techniques for the Perfect DIY Color Transformation

    The Ultimate Guide to Dyeing Your Hair at Home: Products and Techniques for the Perfect DIY Color Transformation

    Are you ready to take on your hair color journey from home? Dyeing your hair at home allows for so much creativity with your look, and with the right products and techniques, you can achieve stunning, salon-worthy results. In this guide, we'll explore the must-have tools and techniques that will help you achieve your dream hair!

    Choosing the Right Products:

    1) Bleach, Please: The foundation for any vibrant hair color transformation, Bleach, Please by Arctic Fox is a powerful, yet gentle bleach kit designed to lighten your hair before applying your desired color. With its unique formula, Bleach Please minimizes damage and ensures a clean canvas for any vibrant colors.

    2) Color Mixing Tools: Unleash your creativity with AF’s bowls and brushes! These essential accessories allow you to customize your hair color by creating unique shades and hues. Mix different Arctic Fox shades together to create your signature color or experiment with the color wheel to achieve your dream look.

    Preparing for the Dyeing Process:

    1) Protecting Your Skin and Clothes: Before starting the dyeing process, we recommend applying  petroleum jelly along your hairline and wearing an old shirt or a color cape to prevent staining.

    2) Strand Test: Perform a strand test to determine the exact processing time and final color result. Take a small section of hair and follow the dyeing process to ensure you achieve the perfect color.

    The Dyeing Process:

    1) Applying the Bleach: Follow the instructions provided with Bleach, Please to prepare and apply the bleach mixture evenly throughout your hair. Make sure to saturate thoroughly to avoid uneven patches!

    2) Rinsing and Conditioning: Once the desired level of lightness is achieved, rinse the bleach thoroughly and apply a deep conditioner to nourish your hair (we recommend our Pool Party Hair Mask). This step helps restore moisture and minimize damage caused by the bleaching process.

    3) Color Application: Now comes the fun part! Apply your chosen Arctic Fox shade(s) using a brush or gloved hands. Start from the roots and work your way down, ensuring each strand is evenly coated. For a more subtle result, mix your desired color(s) with Arctic Mist Diluter, which allows you to create pastel shades or tone down intensity of our dyes.

    4) Processing Time: Follow the recommended processing time on the Arctic Fox packaging OR leave your color on even longer. Our dyes are created with no harsh chemicals or ammonia, so the longer you wait, the more nourished your hair will feel! Use this time to relax and let the color do its thing.

    Aftercare and Maintenance:

    1) Shampooing and Conditioning: After the recommended processing time, rinse your hair with cool water until the water runs clear. Use a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner (like our Resurrected Shampoo and Conditioner) to maintain the vibrancy and longevity of your color.

    6) Extend the Color: To refresh your color or maintain vibrancy, mix a bit of your Arctic Fox dye into your conditioner and refresh while you shower as often as you’d like!

    With the right products and techniques, dyeing your hair at home can be so much fun! Arctic Fox offers a HUGE range of products to help you achieve your dream hair color at home. Whether you're using Bleach, Please for a stunning light base or experimenting with Arctic Mist Diluter for a personalized touch, your DIY hair dyeing journey starts here. Happy dyeing!

    [Disclaimer: Before dyeing your hair, it's important to carefully read and follow the instructions provided with the products. Conduct a patch test to check for any allergic reactions or sensitivities. In case of uncertainty or concerns around mixing your own shades, consult our color specialists!]

    The Beginner's Guide to Mixing AF Hair Color

    The Beginner's Guide to Mixing AF Hair Color

    Want to start getting creative with your AF shades and don’t know where to start? Well take a deep breath because you are exactly where you need to be 💕 The last thing we want to do is overwhelm you, so allow us to ease you into some information and a few of my favorite beginner friendly mixes to achieve a custom shade! 

    Pro Tip ✨: It is important that before applying a mix of shades to your hair that you perform a strand test to be sure the outcome on your hair is what you’re looking for. It is much easier to adjust the shades in the bowl than it is after you’ve already colored your hair ☺️

    Let’s first go over the 5 things to ask yourself before you color your hair and understanding the best AF colors for your undertone, as this is the best place to start, if you’re unsure. Now, if you aren’t familiar with the color wheel, here’s a full explanation on how to easily understand the magic of mixing! Once you’ve got an understanding of this, you’re ready to go.

    Purple AF: Purple is a VERY versatile color simply because it’s a combination of warm and cool tones, made with red and blue. Just about any color or mix can include Purple AF for added depth and can also be used for color correcting, fixing brassy tones, adding to blue dye to counteract green results OR you can add a few drops to your conditioner to create your own purple shampoo! Moral of the story, if you’re a custom color addict like us or you’re just beginning your custom color journey, purple is a must-have so let’s jump right in!

    For a deep cobalt hue, use a half-and-half ratio of Purple AF and Poseidon, or for a more pigmented shade use Aquamarine instead of Poseidon!


    Adding in less purple will achieve this gorgeous blue, so I’d recommend starting with a base of Poseidon and adding in small amounts of Purple AF until you’ve reached your desired shade. 

    However, for a more purple leaning shade, I’d recommend a base of Purple AF and slowly incorporating your Poseidon for a “blurple”! 


    Now, if you didn’t know already, purples look SO good with other purples and Purple AF is the perfect shade to punch up our other purple shades. For example, here is a base of Girl’s Night + Purple AF for a vibrant indigo:


    More Purple AF mixes: 


    Basically, Purple AF is a necessity when it comes to mixing and can also be used to cover leftover green, red, orange, or blue tones that simply won't budge 🍇  💅

    Pro Tip ✨: If you haven’t noticed it by now, when mixing, we suggest using the lighter shade as your base and adding the more pigmented shade in smaller amounts to not overpower your lighter base shade. This allows you to control the colors easily! 

    Ritual: This color is a gorgeous burgundy all on its own, but today we wanted to showcase some of the awesome mixes you can create with this versatile tone! Whether you’re looking for a deep, dark red, or a soft, smoky pink, the possibilities are limitless. 


    Base of Poison and added in Ritual for this hot look 🤤


    Believe it or not, this mix of Sunset Orange, with a bit of Cosmic Sunshine and a drop of Ritual created this must have ginger shade 🤩

    A moment for Ritual alone because she’s stunning 👏


    🤤 Okay okay okay. We still have so many mixes to get to! 🏃‍♀️

    How about a base of Ritual and Wrath for when you’re feeling a merlot moment? I’ll cheers to that 🍷


    More Ritual Mixes: 

    Note: Arctic Mist is not a dye, toner, or lightening product. This diluter will have no effect on the hair if applied by itself - it’s meant to be mixed with other colors to create custom shades.

    Up next… Aquamarine

    Aquamarine is one of our most pigmented blues with aquamarine/teal undertones. If you’re looking for an easy to mix shade, this is it! Starting strong with one of my favorite Aquamarine mixes: 
    Aquamarine + Phantom Green 🌱: The jewel toned green can be achieved by combining two super pigmented shades! Starting with Phantom Green, slowly incorporate small drops at a time of Aquamarine for an unreal shade, guaranteed to turn heads.


    I mean, c’mon! …


    If you’re wanting more of a blue mix, we have this Poseidon + Aquamarine mix, which is a base of Poseidon and slowly incorporates Aquamarine until you get to your preferred custom shade.


    For an extra deep blue, try Blue Jean Baby + Aquamarine 👇 Lots of Blue Jean Baby and small add-ins of Aquamarine. 


    Maybe you want something on the lighter/softer side? PERFECT because this next mix is just that and it’s gorgeous! 

    Diluted Aquamarine and Neverland (base of Neverland + drops at a time of Aquamarine + Diluted using our Arctic Mist Diluter


    You could also try adding in a bit of Iris Green to your Aquamarine + Neverland mix (without diluter).

    One of the last shades that I’d like to showcase is Sunset Orange. It may not seem like it at first, but Sunset Orange is a surprisingly versatile shade and can be used in lots of different mixes for custom colors! As you may or may not know, she is BRIGHT and on her own, this shade is a jaw dropper. However, let’s unveil some of these mixes, shall we? 😏 Buckle up, Fox Fam.. She’s coming in HOT!

    Sunset Orange + small drop of Cosmic Sunshine.

    Sunset Orange + 2 drops or so of Cosmic Sunshine


    Sunset Orange + Purple AF for a rich red


    Looking for an even spicier red? How about a base of Poison + Sunset Orange added in? 


    Sunset Orange + Electric Paradise? Yes, please! This mix can be used to achieve that peachy vibe 🍑

    I hope you enjoyed these simple custom mixes and we can’t wait to make more of these! 

    Let us know your favorite color recipes with Sunset Orange, Ritual, Aquamarine and Purple AF in the comments!

    Need more inspo pics before making a decision? Check out our Instagram for tons of inspiration! And of course, if you ever have any questions or need help mixing up the perfect custom shade, send us an email at We’re always here to help 🫶 

     Happy coloring, Fox Fam! 🎨


    It's Our Birthday! Thank You, Fox Fam, for 10 Years of Love

    Everyone has a bestie who celebrates their birthday MONTH (cue eye roll). Well babe, we’re that bestie and we’re going to celebrate turning 10 ALL. YEAR. LONG because it’s that monumental. We kicked off the celebration by reminding you of WTF was happening back in 2013, celebrated the colors that started it all, and even added some new rescues to our roster.

    While we keep the celebration going, we wanted to hear from the Fox Fam on what they love about Arctic Fox and why you’ve stuck with us for so long, here’s what you said. 

    Keep the love coming, we truly don’t tire of your support whether it’s fire photos we see on Instagram, stunning transitions on TikTok, feedback on Facebook, or our 1:1 convos in our DMs. You keep us going and you continue to help us support animals in need across the globe. Here’s to 10 more together!

    Shoutout to our AF Ambassadors - you rock!

    @kreeppyy_ in Aquamarine and Periwinkle. The mermaid vibes are just....🤌

    @sararoudbari rocks Cosmic Sunshine - ugh are you kidding me?! What a stunner.

    @silkyorchids used Bleach, Please as to lighten her hair and then went in with Virgin Pink and Frosé for this totally hot, punk rock look!

    @jessicamaiapinto shows us what a pretty blend you can achieve with Frosé and Wrath - it's giving cotton candy skies and we're in love! 

    @norelle.k mixes it up with Bleach, Please - that split dye combo and the black hair is such a bold and stunning look!

    The Hottest Pink Hair Trends and How You Can Match the Look

    The Hottest Pink Hair Trends and How You Can Match the Look

    Pink hair is the hair right now. Whether it is the perfect spring pastel or Barbie dream house inspired, you can’t go wrong with choosing a pink shade as your next color. 

    If you love pink but don’t want to bleach, we recommend sticking with Virgin Pink for a true, vibrant pink. Virgin Pink is a highly pigmented hot pink that shows up best on pre-lightened hair, but will give a light to deep magenta tint on most darker bases. If you want to have all of the fun with none of the bleach damage, Virgin Pink is it! If you want a richer magenta shade, add some Ritual or Purple AF to add some depth, just like this custom mixed look.

    If you are aiming for a striking pink, Electric Paradise is the perfect stand alone color. It’s vivid, neon pink with coral undertones, that appears best on a level 10 pre-lightened hair and is UV reactive. Add some Poison like @tamaracamps did and you will have the most brilliant shade of pink!

    If pastel is what you’re after, make sure you are at a level 10 platinum base. Pastels won’t show up or last on hair that isn’t pre-lightened as much as possible before application. Achieve the ideal pastel pink with Bleach, Please to lighten and our favorite pastel pink, Frosé to color. Frosé is the perfect bubble gum pink that is gorgeous on its own or is great as a starting point for a custom pastel pink base! @Laura_lape looks pretty in pink showcasing Frosé as is. Cotton candy bubble gum dreams!

    These are just some of the pink shades you can achieve with Arctic Fox! Check out our Instagram to learn more about other custom mixes to find your perfect pink 💓