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    AF Blog — Aquamarine

    Fox Fam's Top Edgy Summer Haircuts for Every Gender!

    Although any haircut is suitable for any gender expression or identity, some of the latest popular styles really hit the mark for being stylish choices for a more gender neutral look. A lot of these throwback trends are really blowing up this summer. Take a look at Fox Fam’s top three picks for trendy gender-neutral styles:

    Wolf cut

    We love how this style is a modern spin on two throwbacks, a mix between a 70’s shag and an 80’s mullet. The wolf cut has been popularized by TikTok, because it is one of the easier DIY haircuts that gives a lot of volume with its many layers. You can also do it with long, mid, or short hair, so extra points for versatility. It really feels both retro and of our current time, it's perfect for those who want an edgy look but still want to be able to style their hair in more than one way. Check out Iulia’s incredible mid length wolf cut: 



    Business in the front, party in the back! The Mullet is back! Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lil Nas X are jumping on this 80’s throwback. If you want something fun and a little punk, this is the go-to all-gender style we can’t get enough of. I mean COME ON! 


    Heartthrob Bob

    First made popular by every 90’s leading man (helllllo 1995 Leo Decaprio, I’m looking at you!) the heartthrob bob is back: but this time it’s being claimed by all genders. This cropped, ultra layered short to mid length do, is the perfect look to keep cool over summer and be a part of the nineties throwback trends. This look is hot no matter where you fall on the gender spectrum, we love the heartthrob bob!




    Wolf Cut worn by and AF colors Poseidon, Aquamarine, and Virgin Pink!

    Mullet Cut by @Shrunknheads and color by @danivanburenhair, using AF Arctic MistPeriwinkleGirls NightElectric Paradise, and Frosé

    Heartthrob Bob: @bts.bighitofficial


    Comic Con, Here We Come

    Comic Con, Here We Come

    It's (one of) the most wonderful times of the year - COMIC CON! We love seeing our Fox Fam dress up as their favorite characters. If you're heading to San Diego, be sure to tag us ESPECIALLY if you're rocking Arctic Fox hair dye or Foxology gel nail strips! Since you inspire us, we figured we'd give you some inspo if you're still debating on your look. 

    She basically invented the split dye. Mister J's part-time lover is one of the most infamous cosplays out there. To get the famous pigtails we recommend a split dye of Arctic Fox's Virgin Pink mixed with Aquamarine, and straight Aquamarine

    With a brand new Disney+ show coming, we expect to see more hulked-out lawyers than ever before. Whether you're opting for the Attorney at Law look or straight up strong babe, you'll nail Miss Walters in our Phantom Green hair dye.

    No More Mutants? No thanks. With a mix of Sunset Orange and Purple AF hair dye you'll be shapeshifting all con. 

    Exactly HOW do you get the look of a free-spirited, manic pixie dream girl with ever changing hair color? Another split dye of course, this time featuring Violet Dream and Poseidon. Just beware of your exes.  

    "Moon prism power, makeup" achieved instantly with Arctic Fox's Cosmic Sunshine!

    With this mix, we ask you to be mine. Mix our Blue Jean Baby hair dye with Sterling to achieve this smoky blue for one of Tim Burton's most beloved characters. Plus, this gorgeous hue will ease you right into a new season.

    Space Cowgirl Mixes

    Space Cowgirl Mixes

    Howdy, Fox Fam 🤠 Have you tried our newest color, Space Cowgirl? Solo, she’s a neon green that will have the aliens phoning home 👽 but mixed with some of our other AF shades and you’ll be coming back for more. Check out some of our faves below
    This might be our favorite teal mix to date 😋 To get this green shifted teal mix, start with a heavy base of Space Cowgirl and slowly add in small dollops of Aquamarine until your desired shade is achieved. #AFprotip Aquamarine is a VERY pigmented shade. Be sure to add in small
    bits at a time of the shade can overpower Space Cowgirl in this mix.
    This bright evergreen shade has ALL of our attention at the moment 😍🌲 To achieve this look, mix ⅔ Space Cowgirl and ⅓ Poseidon and live all of our evergreen dreams 💚
    Let’s keep this one on ice 😏 Get this icy green shade by mixing equal parts Periwinkle and Space Cowgirl for a one-of-a-kind green.
    Chartreuse is IT for us and this mix will have you just as OBSESSED as we are 💫 Start with a heavy base of Neon Moon and add in a ¼ ratio of Space Cowgirl to achieve this look.
    For our babes who like to keep things peachy 😉 Get this rose gold shade with a peachy shift by mixing ⅔ Frosé and ⅓ Space Cowgirl. #AFprotip Your mix should be true to tone! If your mix looks more brown than peachy, add in more Frosé until the mix looks rose gold 💕
    Start off with a base of Space Cowgirl, slowly adding in dollops of Virgin Pink until you get a rosey copper shade 🧡 #AFprotip Add in some Arctic Mist to pastelize this shade to get more of a peach shift 🍑

    Frosé Mixology

    Frosé Mixology

    Finally, one of the most versatile pastels for mixing has her own mixology blog! Frosé just made her debut, but she's already a rising star. Get excited. 

    On her own, Frosé is a super soft pastel pink. But the possibilities when you mix her with other shades are seriously endless! We have loved seeing our creative Fox Fam using it in all kinds of mixes, so was just had to share some of our favorites. 

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